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High Power High Precision RF Power Meter

PM-1x series power meter standing wave meter. It uses a fully CNC machined aluminum alloy cavity coupler with silver plated conductors. Insertion is much higher than the Bird 43 series in terms of VSWR and isolation. And adopts high dynamic range radio frequency detection circuit.



It adopts a high-precision, high-power RF two-way detection power meter composed of a fully CNC precision-machined cavity coupler and a high dynamic range detector, and is connected by Bluetooth for application.

     Functional features

•  Integrated model CNC precision machined cavity coupler.
•  The built-in high-precision temperature sensor compensates for the measurement error caused by temperature.
•  The Bluetooth 5.0 communication connection can get rid of the shackles of the wire and also improve the anti-interference ability.
•  Stable application, can support Android, Hongmeng, Apple, PC viewing.


Model: PM-1A

Frequency: 80-110MHz,(Measurements outside this range are still possible, but the accuracy is unknown.)

Measuring power range: 1~5200W, (It is recommended to measure less than 3KW for a long time, exceeding the range may damage the detector.)


Measurement signal: CW

Input VSWR: ≤1.03

Coupling isolation: ≥32dBc

Input Connector: L29 DIN Male

Output Connector: L29 DIN Female

Input & Output Impedance:  50Ω

Power supply: type-C 5V

Data connection: Bluetooth

Altitude: <4500M

Dimensions: 152 x 35 x 40 mm (excluding  protrusions).

Weight:  600g

RF power meter software V1.0 download



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