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OEM/ODM Cooperation

OEM / ODM and electronic devices processing services

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture): We can make some limited changes to our existing products according to the customer’s requirements. Notices some major changes involving mechanical structure, circuit structure, software is not included in OEM.  The requirements such as printing customer's brand belong to the category of OEM.

ODM (Original Design Manufacture): We also offer service to make greater and more overall improvements on our products according to the customers' requirements. ODM involves the major changes in the mechanical structure, the circuit structure and the software functions, or redesigning the products according to the customer's needs. Through ODM, we help to provide you with the best technical support in the shortest time, shorten the product development cycle, and reducing development and production costs. This enables our clients to sell their own brands of products without the need to producing and developing by themselves. 

Project Commissioned Development (production) Process

Welcome to view the Project (MCU, hardware, software and hardware circuit) Commissioned Development (production) Process! To save your valuable time, please read the following process for Project Commissioned Development (production):

1. If you don’t have all the developing equipment for your project product, or you do not want to invest too much financial costs and time for the producing process, or you don’t have competent developers to design the products, but you still hope to market your product as soon as possible… How to do that? Well, we are here to assist you with all your needs. You can firstly discuss the quantity and feasibility of the project by telephone, email or Whatsapp/ skype with our concerning staffs.

2. After discussion and we settle down to operation, you can send us your detailed requirements for the products by email or fax.  

3. Assessment feedback: After we receive the requirements, we will make an assessment and then reply back to you some information concerning:

a. Whether it can be developed

b. Estimate the delivery cycle for development

c. Deposit for development 

d. The time to refund the deposit if full payment is received within a specific time

e. Also, If the products are not provided within a specific time, all the payments including deposits will be returned back.

f. Estimate the unit price of the program MCU; (If the pure hardware product is developed, the estimated hardware cost price)

4. Sign the contract: If both parties agree, we sign the contract.

5. Make Deposit: your company may need to pay the deposit.

6. Development and Design: We will hold our mission of "providing professional and technical support to customer success," and strive to offer you high-quality and efficient development and design.

7. Sampling test: when development and design is completed, our company will provide samples for your company to test.

8. Approve orders: After your company testing the samples and make approval, we are welcomed to the bulk orders from your company.

9. Delivery: Before shipment, your company must pay the full amount and fax or email the shipping information to the Company, we will make the shipment ASAP.

10. Refund deposit: According to the agreement, within the specified time period to pay for the required number of orders, Warner RF will refund the deposit by the original amount.

About Other concerning issues, you are warmly welcomed to contact us. 



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