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50W Professional FM Broadcast Transmitter (FMT5.0-50)

Large LCD screen, one-knob control operation, PLL digital phase-locked loop FM technology, CD sound quality. 1U 19-inch all-aluminum standard case. Can input analog audio signal or analog modulation signal. with stable and reliable performance, high quality with fair price.


User Manual Download:PDF

Technical parameters Download:PDF



    This transmitter adopts the concept of simple design and integrates the exciter and power amplifier, output filter, switching power supply, etc into a 1U high 19-inch standard case. This advanced design reduces the number of connection cables and improves the overall efficiency of the transmitter, making it more reliable and easier to operate. 

     Functional features

•  Humanized digital LCD panel, one-rotary knob control.
•  User-friendly digital LCD panel, using one rotary knob to easily control all the setups.
•  The integrated LCD screen displays all the parametric including: transmitter frequency, stereo and mono, volume, amplifier tube temperature, audio signal UV meter, forward
power, reflected power, modulation mode, pre-emphasis etc,.

•  1U 19-inch thickened all-aluminium case, strong and excellent heat dissipation.

•  With built-in high-quality stereo encoder, CD-class sound quality.
•  Outstanding power AGC balance control system, adjustable power output from 0 to 50 watts, and automatic gain power control to maintain output power within set range without drifting.
•  Signal input supports XLR and RCA audio inputs,  and also SCA and RDS signals using the BNC connector AUX.

•  Supports AES-EBU digital signal input, 24Bit 192KHz sampling rate input range, true lossless audio.
•   The RF amplifier uses LDMOS transistors to withstand even severe load mismatch exceeding the 65: 1 VSWR at a 5dB compression point.


Frequency: 87.5-108MHz,

Frequency step value: 10KHz

Modulation mode: FM, peak deviation ± 75KHz

Frequency stability: <± 100Hz

Frequency stabilization method: PLL phase-locked loop frequency synthesis

RF output power: 0 ~50W  ± 0.5dB

In-band residual wave: <-70dB

Higher harmonics: <-65dB

Parasitic AM: <-79dB

RF output impedance: 50Ω

RF output connector: L16 female    N

RF efficiency:> 78%

Analog audio input: -12dBm ~ + 8dBm

Audio level gain: -15dB ~ 15dB step 0.5dB

Analog audio input impedance: 600Ω balanced XLR

AES / EBU input impedance: 110Ω balanced XLR

AES / EBU input level: 0.2 ~ 10Vpp

AES / EBU sampling rate: 30KHz ~ 192KHz 24BIT

RDS / SCA input: unbalanced BNC

RDS / SCA input level gain: -15dB ~ 15dB step 0.5dB

Pre-emphasis: 0μs, 50μs, 75μs (users can set)

Frequency response: ± 0.1dB 30 ~ 15000Hz

Stereo resolution:> 60dB

S / N ratio stereo:> 70dB 30 ~ 15000Hz

S / N ratio mono:> 75dB 30 ~ 15000Hz

Audio distortion: <0.05%

Power supply voltage range: single phase   110 ~ 260Vac 

Power consumption:   <200VA 

Operating temperature range: -20 to 45 ° C

Working method: continuous work

Cooling method: forced air cooling

Cooling method: <95%

Altitude: <4500M

Dimensions: 483 x 320 x 88 mm (excluding handles and protrusions), standard rack 19 inches 2U.

Weight:  10Kg

Warranty:amplifier tube for 1 year, except man-made and lightning-strike damages. Maintenance only charge of the cost of components.